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Remember me..........

When your the one that's silver screened

Church Of Placebo (and Placebo claimage)
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"I've always known that our band would be a weirdo magnet. There's something just...twisted about Placebo."

It's okay
Dry your eyes
Dry your eyes
Soulmate dry your eyes
Dry your eyes
Soulmate dry your eyes
Cause soulmates never die

This is a community for everyone who has a passion for Placebo, you can post pictures, interesting facts, icons, stories anything as long as it's related to the worship of Placebo!

A claiming list has been set up, each of the songs on the following Placebo albums can be claimed:
-Without You I'm Nothing
-Black Market Music
-Sleeping With Ghosts.

it is one claim per member, once a song is claimed it cannot be claimed by a different person, so please check the claims list first (see website). Each person who claims a song shall get an icon (picture) stating who they are and what song they have claimed (You must be a member and stay a member to hold your claim).

((See here for an idea of what you will recieve: http://community.livejournal.com/silver_screened/20251.html?mode=reply))

Whore silver_screened out to the world, just paste one of the following codes into your journal by left clicking the writing with your mouse, choosing select all and then copy, then paste into your userinfo or wherever.

silver_screened Special Dreams...

silver_screened Beauty Lies Inside...

silver_screened Remember Me...

silver_screened Beauty Lies Inside...

Links to other great placebo communities:
brianmolkoicons (beautiful icons, mainly revolving around Brian, although every now and again group ones will pop up.)
stefab a great community for everyone who idolises the lovable swede, Stefan.

run by _life_101_ and etherbitch